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March 26, 2012


Organizers of an annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children have canceled this year’s event, citing the behavior of aggressive parents who swarmed into the tiny park last year, determined that their kids get an egg.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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But we don't keep score in soccer games.

Simply put, it's merely "greed" or "ego" or (symbolically at first, and later, realistically) "money" ... the more you have, the better you are ...

Unfortunately, "better" means nothing more than "more money/status" to many of the parents who foment this behavior pattern ... and one result is that less aggressive parents are withdrawing their kids from the antisocial practices of the elitists ...

I blame Algore ... really ... he could be the poster boy for this attitude ...

(But to be fair, MittRom would hafta be his right-hand assistant ... )

"I promised my kid an egg ..."

What, you're living in the Warsaw ghetto? Buy him a damn egg. Buy him a dozen.

My CHURCH had an Easter egg hunt and it got out of control. People are freakin' nuts these days!

Leggo my egg-o?

If you are taller than this sign you MAY NOT ENTER THIS AREA.

"People just want the best for their kids,” Rexford said.

No. No they don't. What's best for their kids is to be taught about self-reliance, confidence, independence, self-fulfillment and accomplishment. If they really cared about their kids these are the life lessons they would be teaching them. Not how to be narcissistic entitlement junkies. AND GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Egg Hunt Not All It's Cracked Up To Be.

Seriously (or not), get a life. Your little Snowflake ain't gonna die without an egg. And it doesn't take a damn village either.

I would remark on how parents are spoiling their kids but, my daughter and SIL just bought my granddaughter an iPad. She'll be TWO YEARS OLD in July.

Jesus wouldn't have gone all pushy over an Easter Egg.

nursecindy - will they adopt ME?

I don't know how much good it would do Punkin. They told me I didn't need one.

Or Moi Ownself, n'cin' ... ?

Wowser ... I'll admit my remarks wuz a bit curmudgeonly up there ... but I'm a little cranky this a.m. ... din't mean to set a mood of sociological criticism ...

Well ... yeah ... I did ... but I'm old, so I get to do whut I want ... and I WANT AN EGG! (Preferably one with a LARGE gift certificate inside!)(Second -- or third -- childhood counts, fer egg hunts ... don't it?)

LayzeeBoy for President ! (And I promise to not go on your lawn)


Reminds me of that video of the 1 yr old that was given a book and she just kept trying to press the "screen".

Grrrrrrrr....now I'm craving bunny ears.

The Cadbury bunny is very upset, and has placed an open contract on the organizers. How dare they deny people candy! The godbunny has spoken.

When a bunny emitting chocolate eggs tells you s/he has an offer that you can't refuse, it is a good idea to stop and listen.

Oh, and take the appropriate medications.

Now where are we going to get our daily fix of schadenfreude from?

Elon -- fer a few more days, there's still them folks who "predicted" worng on the NCAA basketball pools ...

with apologies and fair use intent to Sir Paul...

♫ Too many people
chasing easter eggs
Too many people
crawling around
Too many kids being spoiled
cause parents ain't too sound..♫

PS Violence never solves anything long term and I do not endorse the Easter bunny, the Cadbury bunny, or the Hefner bunnies (although they are "eye candy"...)

My grandson was having a hard time learning how to swim.
I taught him in about 2 hours. How?
I took off all the protective gear and floats and said, "Let's get in the pool."
Let kids have some fun and let them achieve something on their own.

Well, I just got back from the doggie oncologist, and Wonder Dog got a really good bill of health, so I think I'll dig into the freezer and make the family a nice bunny stew for dinner. It's her favorite, even if she didn't personally catch the bunny in question. (Squirrel stew would be even better, but I don't have any of those in the freezer.)

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