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March 12, 2012


Gorilla Reported At Large in Alabama

(Thanks to funny man)


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more 'spotted' animals...


I knew I should have sewn his name into the waistband of his boxers.

A Newbern gorilla? They sure talk funny down (well, up) there.

It will be crossing into Florida in 3, 2...

Well the primary IS tomorrow.

I saw him dancing with Elvis. "The Twist", I believe it was...


Later reports state that the gorilla was being pursued by a large black and white bunny and several smaller grayish bunnies with long arms.

Stake out Chuck E. Cheese. He'll show up there with his parents sooner or later.

Seems as tho they've also got an elephant on the loose ... one with a dental problem ... article sez his Tuscaloosa ...

Stuffed animal or guy in gorilla suit?

Michael Moore?

of course he is large! unless he isnt, so it could be a small gorilla at large.....
or maybe SHE is the gorilla my dreams?

This is a chapter in Flannery O'Connor's novel "Wise Blood." Once again, life imitates art.

But does he have a banjo on his knee?

*snork* @ Meanie

I think we could readily utilize a new acronym here on the DBB.

SAM! = Snork @ Meanie!

It's primary season, people! It's got to be Newt!

Momma! Herbie's took'n off his shirt agin.
On, shoot, he's lookin' to get darted agin. Wish he'd git off a that stuff.

Wazzat? Have I seen a large, hairy, undereducated guy with a receding forehead and a primitive outlook on life? Hold on, I'll check.

Naw, got none of them down here in Alabama. Try Texas.

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