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March 09, 2012


Price hurt toweling off, has to come out

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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He's gay? Who knew! (NTTAWWT)

Mebbe if he used paper towels?

Geezus, whatever you do don't send him to the showers.

At least he wasn't doing what David Cone did (IYKWIMAITTYD)

I really hope no one lets him shave with a real razor.

Woa. The very first man to pull a gun on me did so because I objected to him urinating on my car.
Alcohol was involved.
No towel-related injuries, though.

I once knew a guy who was tesing for his black belt, but hurt his back vacuuming.

He could break boards and bricks with his fist, spar with the best of them, but Hoover did him in.

Those things are dangerous. It's time for strict federal controls!
I mean, he could have injured himself in other and probably more sensitive areas, ya know?

How many times have we discussed this? ALWAYS check if it's loaded first!

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