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March 13, 2012


Libby, a five-year-old cross-breed, was competing at the Crufts dog show when nature called at an awkward moment.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimbsy)


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Oh Poop! Looks like Libby will not clean up on this contest.

When ya gotta go ... ya gotta go ... in the Real World, this happens all the time (at least with my GSP) ... so a DQ for bein' natural is not warranted, IMH-BC-O ...

The judges started whispering among themselves.

After 14 tense and hushed minutes, they disqualified Libby.

If this had been an angry monkey, there'd have been feces everywhere. The owner almost did the same, till security escorted her out the door, dog in tow.

Looks like Libby should have gone walkies before the show.

what doggie was thinking: i hate this race, oh, s**t!
OR: i really gotta go. here goes...


Mebbe Libby thot her owner/trainer meant sumthin' else, when she said, "OK ... run thru this course ..."

First Marie Osmond pees onstage and now this. When will the madness end?

The poor animal was dumped from the competition.

n'cin' ... when will the madness end?


(Y'all din't really expect me to miss a setup line like that, didja?)

You forgot the rim shot OtU.

Son #1 is the drummer in the family band ...

And our Westie is the pee-inest ...

Dog came in no. 2

Maybe she was expressing an...opinion.
Stewie went so often on this huge lawn at a local funeral home that I started experimenting.
He wouldn't go before a walk. He wouldn't go if we walked on the other side of the street.
He WOULD GO EVERY TIME we walked by that funeral home lawn.
He just didn't like the funeral home.
Either that or he loved it.

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