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March 08, 2012


Store owner pulled gun on customer who complained about bedbugs in furniture

(Thanks to Horcace LaBadie)


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Modern life is full of instances that demonstrate that just because you can do something does not in any way mean that you should.
Like dedicating a news category to Casey Anthony?

Mebbe if the store owner would point the ordnance @ the bedbugs, it'd intimidate 'em and the problem would be solved ... um ... prolly not ...

In his defense he did tell her to have a goodnight, to sleep tight and to not let the bedbugs bite. It was written in fine print at the bottom of the contract.

How dare she criticize the "security system"...I mean it was his store, right?

I mean, if she had already bought the furniture with the bedbugs, that implies consent, right?

If you name a town Fruitland, you have to expect this sort of thing, I would think. We have similar goings on up here, centered around Nutville and Wacko Corners. But down in Sensible Acres, MI, nothing like this would ever occur. Really.

Nor in Hope For The Best, Nodak ... merely sayin' ...

Also there were goats staring at the sofa.

I can sympathize, bedbugs make lots of people do crazy things.

Now everyone will want them!

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