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March 05, 2012


Croc takes chunk of boat motor

(Thanks to The Perts)


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That's a big croc of ... um ... aggressiveness ...

"This one certainly takes the cake."

If there was cake why did it have to eat the motor?



Hired by the boat motor company to re-posses it for non-payment. Just got a bit carried away is all....kinda like the chunk of motor.....

Bet he'll never pee out the back of the boat again.

with a portion of the engine gone, how did they get away from the croc?

Croc quote: "It was a little greasy"

" ... but tasted like ... chicken ..."

Sounds like crocs are getting smarter. Get rid of the motor, and you might have a food source for weeks...


At least they didn't challenge the croc, like a certain deceased Aussie would have....

Why was a croc in the Alligator River?

I'm still giggling at Steve.

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