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March 13, 2012



(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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And to your "Don't" may I add "Ever".

I wouldn't even get in a bathtub in Australia.

Wowser! Food fight?

The same thing happens here when someone says, "Doughnuts in the conference room."

yeah looks like my kitchen when my son drops by with some friends.

Snork @ jon. It's worse if it's birthday cake. I agree with MikeyVA. I would also think twice about getting in the shower.

Like Saturday afternoon sampling at Costco before a big holiday.

I love seafood.
What was the name of that restaurant? It seemed popular.

Wow, I heard about this after I left Australia. Definitely looks like something you would see on a video game like starcraft.

I will not show this video to my daughter that's for sure. She just started learning how to swim. lol

I'm pretty sure they'll never find her body.

They need a follow-up cartoon showing an exhausted seagull hoisting a twelve-foot shark into the nest, and his seagull wife saying: "Don't expect ME to cook that!"

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