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March 12, 2012


Marie Osmond sprinkles when she tinkles on stage

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I'm glad she didn't vomit on the audience, like the
bird mentioned in today's blog.

Donnie: big brudder to sister's bladder splatter...?

seems to be a trend. the same thing happened to Fergia and Idina Menzel (sp?)

Is Marie's "weight-loss" problem the most complicating factor in her life?


Oooooh. Penalty flag thrown at O the U. Gratuitous punning........

Almost any faux pas (swell foop) can be handled if one has grace.

Or a mop, Steve ...

'....& they called it Pee-pee looooove...'

Well, at least she didn't poop her pants.

"Ya want sprinkles with that?"


Mighty pee-culiar if'n ya ask me.

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