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February 18, 2012


A Percent for Art sculpture at Wasilla High School has been ordered covered by the principal after some in the school community opined that parts of it resemble female genitalia.

This has been Your Alaskan Art Update.

(Thanks to Tim Lowell)


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What's all the hoo-ha about?

Only if she's giving birth to a walnut.


I thought Alaska was the Last Frontier, anything goes, no interference with "free expression" etc. I guessnot.

On the other hand:

"We poured our heart and soul into that piece, worked on it for nine months," Dault told The Frontiersman.

Nine months? Really?

say the piece needs to be seen up close to be understood and appreciated.

Oh. My.

Could been worse.

It's a good thing it wasn't this sculpture.

Holy Crap, nc. Turn it sideways and it's just an odd looking eye.

Looks like no hoo hoo I ever saw (back in the day). I suppose the Alaskan Art Critics Ass'n would frown on a sculpture of a fist as having sexual connotation, too.

I was sure it was going to be a Manilow, cindy.

Here's the obscene part: $100,000.

Oh, thats just nuts. Correction: one nut, problee a walnut.

You can see more explicit stuff on HBO.

"Thought nannies", sort of a junior thought police???

Jeff, I would never do that!

So ... are they (yeah, I know I'll hafta watch out for Siouxie's machete if I say this ... but sumbuddy hasta say it ... and lotsa other improvised weaponry utilized by many others around here ...) gonna close all the Taco Bell stores in Anchorage?

So that's what they look like ?


Whut whut look like?

Who's on First?

Jeff, you beat me.

Yes, I thought it was called "gestation period"

Good one Clankie Kantget Adate.

In the contiguous US people see Jesus or Mary in just about anything. In Alaska they see a ******. Must be lonely up there.

Frigid, Ross. Frigid.


is dandy,
is quicker.

Maybe they are tired of the boys staring at it all day...

Perhaps they are afraid it will soon be infested with Riff Raff?

The school staff is happy.

That is one angry looking......

Looks pretty vaginal virginal to me....

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