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February 22, 2012


Flowers regenerated from 30,000-year-old frozen fruits, buried by ancient squirrels

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and NJGill)


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Unlikely. The squirrels were probably young when they buried them.

Up next, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever....

yeah, i can be serious


100,000 years from now, when future archaeologists from another dimension, accompanied by descendants of former President Eisenhower, uncover perfectly preserved Twinkies and Velveeta and Sp@m amid the ruins of our TV commercial studios, they too will marvel at the remarkable state of preservation and viability. Until they discover how those materials spelled our doom.

So ... 31,800 years, eh? Clearly, the seeds had not yet passed their expiration date ...

(" ... the ancient plants are subtly different to their modern counterparts ..." ? ? ? Different "to" ? ? ? It would seem that "professional journalism" in Russia is as advanced as it is in England and the USofA ...)

31,000 years...I guess than explains Joan Rivers.

But, Jeff, what explains her daughter?


The headline sounds like a Spinal Tap lyric. "Nobody knows who they were or ... what they were doing."

f'm' ... nuthin' explains either one of 'em, IMH-bc-O ...

I want one of these flowers. Now.

And what will they do when the flower starts calling for Seymour?

" Flowers regenerated... buried by ancient squirrels. "

Makes the scenario of the 2008 election seem almost normal by comparison.

Have we learned nothing from those fine documentaries that used to infest drive-in movie theaters? (Non-geezers may now refer to Google for an explanation).
Soon we'll be taken over by our ancient flower overlords.

I did NOT know that the Russians had wintry Phoenixes rising from their ice.....!

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