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February 20, 2012


Dogs use instincts honed over millions of years to protect us from mortal danger.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Is that an attack broccoli in yer pocket, or ...

Actually ... if the pup would "kill" it and eat it, they'd be sorry ...

Cute brave foolish puppy! Doesn't he know broccoli can kill? Remember when George Herbert Walker Bush almost died when he mistakenly ate some at an official dinner in Japan?

That's how my dog reacts to the swiffer mop, he'll eat as much broccoli as we'll give him

I still fondly recall a Dave Barry Year-in-Review from many years ago, in which Dave wrote that President George H.W. Bush "declares war on broccoli."

Nature and dogs abhor a vaccuum.
Bushes and dogs abhor broccoli.

This is completely understandable...even though I like broccoli.

*Drops more broccoli*

*Adds a few string beans*

And yet they'll eat cat poop from the kitty box.

Okay, just gotta say it. CUUUUUTE!!!

I act the same way when I see a brussel sprout.

During that whole drama, the puppy actually touched the broccoli once, about the same rate as grandchildren.

NC, I'm totally with you on Brussels sprouts! Years ago, my father told me he didn't like them either, but that we should eat them anyway, because each one eaten makes for "one fewer cabbage brought into the world."

Poms were originally bred to keep homes free of vermin such as kale and bok choi. (Introduced into the Baltic on Chinese ships exploring the western world in the 14th century ... seriously, you didn't know that? Dude, the records are all there, out in area 52, right next to 51.) Anyway, this little fella is just following his instincts.

One of my pups enjoys a "poop" snack, every once in awhile.

Though he is well fed and not stressed he still likes this little munchie.

I asked my vet about it and he said, "He just likes it."

Well duh, that cost me $100?

Stewie is as close to a vegetarian dog as we've ever found.
I can be fixing snow peas, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, virtually anything green and he BEGS.
Of course, my wife did banish him outside for a while last night. We didn't have a room in the house that was far enough away.
However, he is gravely suspicious of the horses, who ignore him because they've handled bigger flies.

I have a teacup chihuahua that loved to growl and bark at the cows in the pasture across the road from my house. Of course they didn't pay her any attention. One day I took her over there to see one up close. She climbed down my back, the dog not the cow, and ran home as fast as she could. She doesn't bark at them anymore.

cindy, I saw The Teacup Chihuahuas open for Los Lobos.

*rotten little ankle-bitin' SOBs ... and DOBS ... one more reason to carry concealed ordnance*

D#2 has several of these "cute" little doggies ... they don't like me much ... and the feelin' is mutual ... but since I'm a guest in her home, I'm not allowed to even raise my voice ... I'd like to feed 'em all enuf broccoli to see an explosion in the back yard ...

Coming Soon, to an Arms Dealer Near You!


cute. wonder how it would feel about cooked broccoli, eh?? i dont like it raw either.

OT: Dear pop-up ads on this page, please die a horrible death as soon as possible. Thank you. Cordially, Renee

Second that motion, Renee (tF) ...

What are these "ads" Renee speaks of? Do you not use Firefox with Adblocker Plus?

I dunno whut she's browsin' with, but (since my Mac had a bad accident, & MB(RH?) allows me to use her MS/PC/IE POS) I've switched over to Chrome ... a LOT better than IE ... tho a few glitches ... yah, I see the ads ... NBD, except that stationery (not "stationary" ... well, prolly that too, since the store is not on wheels) store ad ... which is REALLY irksum!

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