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February 14, 2012


Miley Cyrus Cuts Her Hair Again!

(Thanks to Ralph)


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OMG!!! I'm going to hurl myself off the nearest bridge. How could she?

Someone needs to intervene. Disney has-been's usually end up living on the street and homeless.

And I am very shocked: she still has fans?

This haircut doesn't look bad on her.

i don't know who she is...

but then i don't watch jersey shore or (gasp) 24 either.

Mud, I will be a very happy person when I no longer remember who these morons are...

oh the humanity!

Mud, she is Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter. He was a singer back when you old folks were alive.

Better news than her eating the pen!s cake the other week, I suppose.

*agrees w/ coconuts*

her career has come to a head

*setting all my Hannah Montana posters aflame*

I'm sure she cut it because it was all sticky. From the cake, from the cake!

I cannot believe this did not lead the 6 o'clock network news.

Pfft with the hair. I still think she wears the stupidest shoes known to mankind.


In other news, I think her hair is now shorter (and cleaner) than her fathers...

You wrang, maryqos?

Snooki clean and fresh? Har. It is to laugh.

Miley? I thought it was Justin. He cut his hair, too.

I know who she is because I have a grandson who is a Disney addict. Intervention is clearly indicated.
In the Disney universe, adults and parents are comic bystanders used when absolutely needed.
Disney kids inhabit the hallways of schools but don't ever seem to actually go to class. Adults, including teachers, seem to be endangered species protected under lock and key somewhere off-screen.
Young, secondary male characters are totally addicted to odd hats.
And it all works out in the end.
Oh, and every teenager can sing and dance.

I looked it up. There has never been anyone who could sing who was named Billy Ray Cyrus.

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