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February 22, 2012


Gates Foundation toilet contest seeks 'iPad of sanitation'


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So, in this you'd be makin' an iPoop?

They need the iPlop of sanitation.

iPeed & iPood.....there's a crApp for that

Somehow, I think that anyone who works for the Gates Foundation and uses an Apple product as a metaphor for quality may be looking for work.

Hey, Steve! He (she?) knows where the real quality is ... besides, whut is sez is correct ... my 7-gallon high-flow toilet (well, the first one) is nearly 60 years old, and still werks better than Vista ...

Mebbe if I tried to flush this crappy software?

You got Vista to work? I didn't even know that was an option.
Seriously, somewhere we have a desktop that has Vista on it. I can turn on my Mac and that computer at the same time and be working (me? Ha!) on the Mac for 45 minutes before the Vista decides it's ready for the Internet.
I should have paid more attention to the slogan: "Hope you like the Vista. 'Cause that's all you'll be looking at".

Oh, it werks, Steve ... sumwhut ... sumtimes ... slowly ... and there's glitches between it an Chrome, but the g00gle browser is MUCH more reliable and speedy than IE ... but y'all gnu dat ...

They're gonna have to use Safari, too.

*wonders what happens when the Blue Screen Of Death appears....*

When halftime of the big game happens, there's usually a long linux @ the urinals ...

As Billy "Botox" Crystal will probably say at the Oscars (TM, used without permission), "Hel-loo"?

You'd think the Gates Foundation would be so flush with cash, they'd have cash to flush....

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