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February 22, 2012


Texting Cow

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Wouldn't the hooves make it really hard to....oh, the collar texts automatically...I see...

and fire the headline writer and editor!!!

Don't -- just don't -- tell Rick Santorum about this. His head will explode.

a 'cowhands-free' device

I wondered about that, f'm' ... yup ... the copy editor wuz a bit overboard on this header ... gotta get the readers to buy the news, y'know ...

The problem is, all the texts ever say is "EET MOR CHIKIN"


"Help Line. How can I assist you?"
"I see. Could you be more specific?"
"Moo. Moo, moo."
"Thank you. Have you tried rebooting?"
"OK. Are you using Vista?"
"And is your wireless signal weak or strong?"
"I see. Please hold."
"I'll need just one moment, please."
"I'm sorry. My supervisor is unavailable."

just think of the roaming charges

Roaming charges! Haw! Very good!

"Arg!" @ ligirl!

Very nice!

But can you keep it from texting during the wedding ceremony?

I just wish they'd stop sending those naked udder pics.

Bet Al Gore never expected this when he invented the internet.

Grass still tasty. Wonder how shade of tree feels.

LOL at everyone! MTB, your comment got me thinking thus:

"Moo you, Siri!"

Gary Larson would have a field day (har!) with this.

As long as they don't text and drive.


Sent from my iPhone.

Will it alert the farmer when the cow leaves his cow paties? Mooooooo.

First cow: OMG! Did you see the udders on that one?
Second cow: Mooooooooo!

@farmer: pls wear gloves when milking. hands cold.

This could be a problem in areas with poor cellphone service -- you can't text when you're out of range.

To: Buffalo Bill
- ur my BeeFF :)

- sent from my moobile device

Man, the geeks are really gonna milk this for all it's worth.

I'm guessin' that those California Cows we see in the ads are more up-to-date ... they merely twitter ...

It's the updated version of one of my favorite children's books, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. (http://www.amazon.com/Click-Clack-Moo-Cows-That/dp/0689832133)

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