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February 08, 2012


U.S. Rep. John Fleming has deleted a post on his Facebook page about a Planned Parenthood "Abortionplex" after discovering it was from The Onion.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Yup. The primary sources upon which I rely for accurate and up-to-the-minute views of the World, and Life Its Ownself are, (in no particular order): The Dave Barry Blog. The Onion.

They've both been right so far ...

I used to like the National Lampoon and then the Harvard Lampoon. Both fired my favorite writers, so theres only Dave's blog and the occasional Consumers Report.

Is the Onion really any less reliable than the New York Times?


The Onion is satirical?

Proof that some just don't think. How do we keep electing those who refuse to use grey matter (or heart)in their selfish addiction to power?

Because it's been planned that way: so most people are so busy making a living they don't live, or
follow he twisted paths of politics, and sort it out.

Really, is this any more astonishing than the stats that most younger adults get their news from late night comedians and Comedy Central?

Heck, sum of y'all a bit older may recall when a VPOTUS of the USofA actually thot Murphy Brown wuz a real person ... and used her "choice" as a "bad example" of ... whutever it wuz ...

Ever since MEN IN BLACK told me the Inquirer and the Weekly World News were where I should be getting the "real news" I haven't bothered with the NY Times or others of that ilk.

How DID he get elected? Now I'm curious.

i get all my fake news from jon stewart.

See! This is why we need SOPA. Then we could shut down the internet, and spare me the embarrassment.

His Congressional website says "John C. Fleming, M.D.". The guy's smart enough to be a doctor but he believes The Onion???

Wait, let me be clear about this. We can trust the Daily Show for the real truth about politics but not The Onion? Did Dave say so?

We see fer real stranger things here daily. A couple of times a year I get fevered emails from friends that don't smell right and have to tell them to check Snopes because the story is fake. They just want to believe it sooo badly. It's also a warning to public figures who have staff (like judi) posting to social media for them. I have my doubts a congressman posts for himself. Fortunately for the Blog, judi would have to actually post something responsible and serious to ruin the Blog's reputation.

I remember China criticized the White House a few years back when the ONION announced the White house had made a contract to change its name to something like the Burger King White House. China thought the ONION was legit. Since they will probably employ/own us in the near future I don't think we should make fun of them.

Exactly, Loudmouth! I have one good friend who always sends me [obviously] false stories that she wants to believe and I have to send her the snopes reference to prove it isn't true.

Looks like Rich is correct, the Congressman is a physician.

But he is no brain surgeon, clearly.

I had to teach my mom and mother in law about how to verify or debunk some of this stuff before they get all worked up and in a lather. Or in their special cases, all worked up in a blather.

I admit hearing things that Shrub had done that I was convinced came from The Onion. Unfortunately, most proved to be true.
As for Snopes, I regularly get wild emails from a former co-worker which have "Verified by snopes.com" at the bottom of the main section.
Of course, a check of the snopes website debunks these, but it's interesting that snopes is getting spoofed.

I get those too, Steve! I wonder if they're coming from the same person.

Gotta be! I mean, how many people actually have the name "Snopes" ... ? Really?

Well hey, some of them are pretty believable.
Like this one:

Study Reveals Majority Of Suicides Occur While Trying To Put Fitted Sheet On Bed

I don't find that hard to believe. Nope, not at all.

O T U,
That VPOTUS was Mr. Potatoe Head.

I gnu that, ferj' ... merely din't wanna name too many names, in a name-callin' environment ... but tnx fer keepin' me honest ...

Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt, usually credited to Julius Caesar. Also the motto of my blog.

Mulieres libenter credere quod homines non.

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