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February 09, 2012




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I believe that would be "palme-visage".

C'est français conard!

Smilin' Bob to the rescue!

oh merde.....

They should move to Canada. The French word for yard (verge), as in the football distance (91 cm), is also used for male anatomy.

Oh crappé. C'est le grande phuque-up.

snork @ padraig!

I think it is perfectly fine to insult your male guests by saying "ca va petite bites?" Unless they speak French. I think it means how are things hanging
small man? I'm just guessing, however...

Sorta lends a new context to the rejoinder "Bite Me" ... eh?

Not to mention the immortal werds emulated by Alice ... "Eat me" ...

Sacre Bleu!

I'm confused. That entire advertisement is in English, included the line "petite bites." Which, unless I'm mistaken, isn't correct French anyway. Wouldn't it be "petits," and wouldn't the "bites" come first?

Was the ad run in France (or French-speaking Canada) or something? Why are we concerned about what French-speaking people might think if they saw it?

Zut alors!

SeanF, I think you're (not your) over thinking this. I'm a little embarrassed because I have a box of these in my freezer.

Oh ... really?

*don'tsayit! ... DO NOT SAY IT! ... DON'T!!!*

Latest word has it that the French are on petit alert.

Petty bits.

There was a scène in Henry V by Shakespeare where Katherine (de France) is learning anglais. The foot and the gown offended her French sensibilities.

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