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February 03, 2012


Miami named most miserable U.S. city

(Thanks to funny man)


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And it was one of the happiest just weeks ago!

Elon, all of a sudden they realized where they live.

#6 Chicago citing an average 31 minute commute -- 8th longest in the survey.

Someone has a really short transit. I'm 90 minutes each way.

Misery loves company, which explains why so many people "retire" in Miami.

Wherever Forbes is headquartered, they'd better expect a guest.

So, Dave...Do you think it can Save Itself???

that really wierd considering that miami also leads the contiguous states in per capita cleavage and thongs per square mile.

Mud, you don't have to live here too long to realize that most of that cleavage is about as real as the animotranic dinosaurs at Wally World.

The pythons seem to be happy, though.

NMUA, which part of the city (or 'burbs) are you in?

i saw animatronic cleavage at the agora back in '83.

Diva -- I start outside Aurora (drive to train), train in to Chicago, walk to work.

NMUA, Bob Newhart walked to work everyday in Chicago and looked pretty good doing it. It only took him a few minutes.
*bangs on geezer bus door with cane*

mudstuffin, didn't their lack of movement on stage seem a little disconcerting to you?

Detroit is #2? WTFBBQ??

This surprises me not at all.

Miami beat out Detroit? I am at a loss.

If Miami has a "crippling housing crisis" then Detroit has a "shot-in-the-head, buried-for-3-weeks, dug-up, then dragged-100-miles-chained-to-the-back-of-a-pick-up housing crisis".

Miami may have a high crime rate, but the true crime rate for the Big D is in orbit. Sure the police usually manage same-day-service for 911 calls involving firearms or death but they usually don't even bother to show up for burglaries or lesser crimes. If the police in Detroit actually filed reports on all the crimes commited so they could be counted in the numbers then Miami criminals would hang their heads in shame at being so lazy.

Commutes might be tough in Miami, but since there are so few jobs in Detroit most of the citizens have to commute to other cities just to work, and driving through ghost neighborhoods is not a pleasant commute.

Political corruption? I know Miami isn't squeaky clean but has the mayor of Miami even once sent the Miami PD out to kill a stripper? Kwame Kilpatrick alone is more corrupt than the entire Miami government and he's almost honest by Detroit standards.

I don;t know what those Forbes people were thinking, and anyone who thinks Miami is worse than Detroit should spend a week in Detroit and it will change their mind.

note* I no longer live in Detroit and civic pride is not driving this quest for truth.

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