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February 08, 2012


Judge Orders Florida Man To Take His Wife on a Date

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, funny man, Jeff Meyerson. Janice Gelb and Another Ralph)


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Is the judge willing to pay for a sitter too?

Romantic dinner then bowling. Is that the judge's idea of a date or the wife's choice?

Gotta say, at least the judge is using some actual judgement instead of the usual kneejerk "one-size fits all" decrees.

If grabbing her neck is "very, very minor" what does the judge consider major?

nursecindy wants to know

This could be considered cruel and unusual punishment if he is allergic to seafood.

There is no question about "unusual".

I agree Jeff but in this case I agree with the judge. I'm not sure the bowling is a good idea though. My ex was a wonderful bowler. In fact he had several 300 games. However, when the bowling wasn't going well I stayed away from him because he got extremely angry. Wouldn't a movie have been a better idea? And next time tell her Happy Birthday!

So ... did the judge happen to mention (suggest?) the handiest Lover's Lane where they could stop after the bowling?

What happens if the wife is allergic to seafood or hates bowling?

Pay Fabio to do it.

Oh Fabio. *deep sigh*

"A romantic meal at Red Lobster." I just do not consider that combination of words to make any sense. Nothing against Red Lobster, I've even taken a few dates there back in the long ago, but if Red Lobster meets the judge's concept of romantic I expect the judge has his own marital problems.

Take her bowling where? I thought the Giants already won the bowling game.

Giants bowling? Isn't that whut woke up (or put to sleep?) Rip Van Winkle?

Heck, in some parts of Bama, (cause I got relatives there), ya take someone to the lobster, then to bowl, and next step is the chapel.

I don't agree with calling that 'romantic' but to
"eechh" his honor own...

Sorry -- I would find the guy guilty of domestic abuse if he DID take her to Red Lobster, allergies notwithstanding.

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