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February 23, 2012


"Will I be willing to play in lingerie? Would that detract from the actual sport itself? I'm not sure."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Would I play football in a thong?
Shoulda I? Or would that be wrong?

What kind of person would want to watch a bunch of young athletic women running around in their undies?

NC, no idea here.

Ya mean ya can't play football in a thong?
I mow my lawn in my thong all of the time.

While I can think of comments about this, I can also see that these young women could probably whomp the snot out of me.
No comment.

Reading the headline: "Lingerie...torn..."

This league MUST have a rule against the no-huddle offense.

I think I speak for most blog readers of the male persuasion when I say, "heck yes, play!"

Look -- they're playing our thong!

*Snork* @ "Thanks to The Perts"

I vote for the Tight End as MVP.

Do the cheerleaders wear fur coats?

" ... knickers, garters, helmets, and shoulder pads ..."

I don't see any mention of bras ... hmmmmmmm ... could this then be known as a "rampart defense" ...?

Sorry, I didn't read past "is it worth stripping off most of their uniform -- not to mention protective gear -- to play professionally?"

Lost in a reverie, considering professions for which this question is a no-brainer...

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