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February 21, 2012


Naples man arrested at bank claims he's CIA director, half orangutan

(Thanks to Ralph)


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An orangutan would never be so stupid.

He looks more like ... nah, Uncle Herb din't look quite that much like a 'rang ...

I disagree. I totally believe that Chuck Barris was
acting CIA director for a couple of months while
Bill Casey was hospitalized...

What do we, really, know? In the world of paranoia,
black is white and white is black and the hats or sides change weekly...

I heard he knows James Bond, also, and was present with Ike and the Aliens at that secret meeting.

Well, he is wearing orange, and he has the ape-level intelligence down packed. That is a good start.

He's got plausible deniability nailed.

Ike and the Aliens WBAGNFARB

Yes but does he have a blue bottom?

*smacks forehead*

Thanks! I almost forgot to call the Fusion Center about my llama blood.

Nothin' worse than an anemic llama, let me tell ya.

A woman there said a man in a green car pulled out a gun after she told him his vehicle was smoking.

It wasn't the car.

i'll have what HE's having...

far out.

This guy seems certifiable or under the influence. One wonders about the stability of the passenger who was released ..

Part Man, Part Monkey

Deputies pulled Loescher over and had difficulty making him comply with their orders to exit the vehicle and place his hands on the window, get off his phone and get on the ground.

Well no wonder. One thing at a time please!

Elvis' brother has left the building planet.

Well, everyone has to vacation someplace.

Do you have a lieSAUNS for your MINkee?

Everyone knows only full-blooded orangutans can be CIA Directors!

@Dan S: It certainly would explain a lot...

The Orangutan anti-defamation league has filed suit.

Watch out! What's that he's throwing!?

Sequel to Every Which Way but Loose?

Do they have any evidence he's lying? To quote PLAN NINE:

Colonel Tom Edwards: This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard.
Jeff Trent: And every word of it's true, too.
Colonel Tom Edwards: That's the fantastic part of it

Deputies reported they found a gun and bullets in Loescher’s vehicle but no identification to show a connection to the CIA.

What idiots, of course he isn't going to have any identification from the CIA. The CIA will deny having any record of him having worked for them. That's how you can tell people who work for the CIA, they have no CIA identification and the CIA denies any knowledge of them.

In his defense, the part about him being George Bush's good friend turned out to be true.

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