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February 08, 2012


If parking is really cheap, there's probably a reason.


(Thanks to The Perts)


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There's times when I'd sorta like to have a crane and wrecking ball after sum idjits take up three spaces in a crowded lot ... merely sayin' ...

(Yah, we got dumb auto operators -- let's not call 'em "drivers" -- here in Nodak, too ... mebbe more than our fair share ...)

Sometimes I'd like to give people "honorary tickets" that say something like "If you must take up more than 1 space, park in the back. Everyone hates you when you take up 2 spaces."

I lived in an apartment complex where some clown used to take up two spaces when he was visiting his girl friend. I worked nights and one night a co worker and I noticed spots on each side of him. We parked so close that he couldn't open the doors on either side. When we came out at 2pm he was some what annoyed. But he got the message: he broke up with the girl.

It's those little "nudges", ferj' & Krist' ... that make the idiotic and incredibly rude behavior of rectal sphincters sumwhut bearable ... been a long time, and I can't even recall whut exactly I did, but I've retaliated sumwhut in the past ... prolly left a note on the windshield, but I doubt I wuz as polite as y'all, Kristina ...

Kristina: we have to park on the street as we live in an apartment buidling without a garage or outdoor parking area. Usually it isn't a problem unless you get home late at night on certain days, but then there are the dreaded alternate side parking days (see "Seinfeld" if you don't know about them)...

It's all about consideration. Too many people tend to:

park exactly in the middle of a two car space (#1 annoyance)
park too far from the car parked in front or back of them therefore essentially killing two spaces with their one bad parking job

I always want to carry post-it notes to leave a polite message, only being a New Yorker it would be more along the lines of "next time show a little more consideration when you park, @sshole, or you'll find you need a new tire. Have a nice day."

Of course I am much too nice to actually do this.

The building firm meanwhile defended its actions - saying the wall was unsafe and needed to be knocked down before it killed someone.

So is there a lot of walls killing people in China?
I mean, I've heard things can be very "exciting" in
Hong Kong with the triads, but I never knew walls killing people was a major issue in China mainland...

Jeff ... I'm glad yer the exception to the role model that's stereotyped about Noo Yawkers ...

Many of us are not that polite ... merely sayin' ...

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