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February 22, 2012


Skunk stinks up Walmart soda machine

(Thanks to jon harris)


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"Tomato juice spill in aisle...well, the whole store."

Employee poked it with a stick ... hmmmmmmmmm ... does this give us a clue as to the hirin' standards @ Waldo's?

Perhaps the skunk was just - vocalizing? - his opinion of Wally world?

I'm really not? One of those annoying people? Who turns every statement? Into a question?


Will there be pictures posted at Pepé of Walmart.com?

Thats why most Super wallys have removed the machines selling Sams sodas. The Soda wars really stink. And you know who was behind the skunk? It ryhmes with choke. Least dats what the underground is saying....

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