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February 09, 2012


Mysterious ‘manure foam’ causes pig farms to explode

(Thanks to Justin Beland)


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This article almost sounds as if PETA wrote it ... or HSUS ...

Merely sayin' ... if that has any resemblence to the facts, it seriously damages credibility ... no longer "objective journalism" ... despite the fact that hog barns ARE exploding ...

The bias of the writer/publisher is quite evident ...

Exploding buildings
Caused alarm
Pigs ran amok
Foam covers the farm
Burma Shave

The smell - the dump does not smell as bad as a pig farm and then for it to explode all over!
The pits - when I was back in Iowa a farmer fell into his pit, his son tried to save him - they both drowned. Two volunteer firemen tried to retrieve the bodies, fell in and drowned. OMG.
It took me 25 years to be able to eat bacon again.

And whut's this bit with the "notorious manure lagoons" ... ? ? ?

Every town that's got a sewage system has a "manure lagoon" ... and ... ahhhh ... same old sloppy "journalism" with an added editorial POV on the "news" pages ...

Terrorist pigs... who knew ?

This little piggy went to market
And this little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beef ¹
And this little piggy went Boom!
And this little piggy went Hee-hee-hee all the way through the foam.

¹ (What's up with that?)

MtB ... watchu tink? They's gonna be cannibals and eat ham?

No. But I would've figured prime rib, not roast beef.


It's not practical on a large scale basis, but my wife was telling me that her grandfather fenced in some woods near his house and kept his pigs there.
Spread out, there was no real odor from the waste, little mud due to the grass and leaves, and plenty of shade to keep piggy sunburn down.
And the ham tasted a world better than the processed junk we get in the grocery stores today.

Steve, as opposed to the guy named Otto in my small town who ran a combination hog farm and landfill. (We called it a "dump" back then.) Nobody ever went to Otto's bratwurst parties.

Exactly, Steve ... and yer "not practical on a large-scale basis" is apt ... most folks are not of the persuasion, however, to raise their own food ... bacon, t-bones, chicken salad, whutever ...

Our hog "operation" wuz limited, as that of yer grandpa-in-law ... as long as we changed boots far enuf away frum the house, the smell never bothered us ...

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