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February 09, 2012


Dorian Ford, 19, claimed he staged his own kidnapping and asked his mom to pay the bogus ransom to see if she loved him enough to pay, authorities said Wednesday.

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His mother didn’t attend his Wednesday afternoon hearing and couldn’t be reached for comment.

Survey says....


"Ransom of Red Faced"

But the plan worked out so well for Frank Sinatra, Jr.

The relationship could be classified as "strained".
Or in the words of a father I heard yelling at his son in 1956, "When I catch you, I'm gonna snatch every hair off your head!"
(He nearly did. His son came to school with the first Mohawk I ever saw on a live person).

It was such a "brilliant" plan, so hard to see what went wrong with it, besides "everything"...

WAIT a minute...dorian ford...wasn't he the guy with the supernatural painting that kept him from having
any other brand of motor vehicle?

Maybe that's part of the why...or why not...???

Only $1,000? He should've asked fer enuf to pay fer an escape ... or a Get Out of Jail Free card ...

"What you have my son? OK well good luck with that!"

Hey Guys,
I actually was kidnapped when I was 16. The initial ransom was $999 but when no one would pay, the mark downs began. When the price tag hit $199, I realized that I had saved up that much in Birthday money. I bought my own freedom. When I arrived home, my Mom said, "Hi Honey, How was school?" She didn't realize that I was missing for five days.

You mean the room in the basement wasn't enough. Ingrate.

Takes "insecure" to a whole new level of weird.

The Portrait of Dorian Ford ...

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