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February 14, 2012


1.8 MILLION dead people still registered to vote  in the U.S., study says

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who notes that they all have Florida drivers' licenses)


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So that's Romney's secret.

They're all in Chicago. How else does a city that is overwhelmingly african american keep electing white guys for mayor?

You have to register to vote?

A sign that Rrpublicans face stiff opposition this year.

Newt: Citizens, Mitt Romney has proposed the discontinuation of Social Security for dead people since he became governor of Massachusetts!

Mitt: That is not true, Newt. In fact, as governor, I enacted legislation to increase Social Security for the dead, as well as marriage rights for all dead couples. Your propsed "Don't Die, Don't Tell" policy, on the other hand was a clear act of hostility toward Dead Americans.

Santorum: Wait, Mitt, do you or do you not believe that marriage should only be permitted between a dead man and a dead woman?

Mitt: Well, I -

Paul: It doesn't matter. The government has no business peeking into people's coffins.

Fox Moderator: Thank you all. Next question: please give us your reaction to President Obama's proposed redistribution of wealth from the living to dead people?

Snork @ Meanie!

I understand Rush L. is personally organizing a
"get out the dead" registration drive! Such a civic minded persona!!!

AG Eric Holder is investigating voting discrimination against Zombie-Americans.

n'cindy ... no, we don't hafta register to vote ... in Nodak ... we's the only state that does NOT have voter registration ... we also have one of the lowest rates of election fraud ...

This is all true, prolly becuz in Nodak, everybuddy knows everybuddy else ...

(BTW, latest numbers indicate that Nodak and prolly part of Montana could see as large an increase as p'haps 500,000 "new residents" becuz of the Bakken Oil Boom ... sum are sayin' mebbe even 1 million ... that'd TRIPLE our population ... ick, to coin a phrase)

" "

What's all this talk about FREE elections?
Here in Boston they freakin' pay ya to vote

Of course, most of the dead voters THOUGHT they were voting for Pat Buchanan...

I'm assigned to vote on behalf of one of the victims from the Valentine's Day Massacre. And Jesus Rodriguez. I get them mixed up sometimes.

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