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February 17, 2012


A website in which a dog owner balances items of food on his dog's head has become an internet sensation.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey, those are TWINKIES!

They could have been around for months

Unless ts a video, I'll bet the dog never bit!

If they can remember to after they finish the Twinkies.

There is something about moral bankruptcy and the bankruptcy of Hostess that makes this picture particularly sad.

Y'know ... there are times when I wonder if ordinary folks and "news editors" TRY to think up stuff that will get them noticed on Dave Barry's Blog ...

I fail to see any other rational explanation for such endeavorous behaviourismness ...

be afwaid human. be vewwwy vewwwy afwaid. especially when you am sleeping..

even better

(it's a little long - but you gotta see the monkey!)

Tiger is not alone ....

That's why the 7 Pit Bulls went after that little old lady the other day.

I wouldn't sleep around this puppy if I were its owners.

Twinkies aren't food. Consider: Would something that won't even sustain bacterial life support human life?

That dog is probably waiting to sink his teeth into one of those twinkies.

I saw Twinkie Dogg warming up for Pit Bull in 2009. Helluva show.

A balanced meal is a healthy thing.

There are sum dogs that are smart enuf to NOT eat sumthin' that's not "real" food ... the plastic content of Twinkies would repel that sorta critter ...

HOWever, I once gnu a Black Lab that would eat ANYthin' ... includin' his dog dish ...

Tooken him about three weeks to totally destroy a stainless steel dish ... well, mebbe he din't "eat" it, technically, but one hasta assume he had plenty of minerals in his diet ...

How to turn a dog into a duck using only Twinkies.

Is there anything they can't do?

Not bad, but can he do 23 benches?

Does that dog look like he needs that kind of aggravation...?

We and our dog have signed a mutual non-aggravation pact, like Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939. We agree not to put twinkies on her head, and she agrees not to annex the Sudetenland.

(Hit SUBMIT too soon) I meant to offer the suggestion that if Stalin had just been able to resist dressing up Von Ribbentrop's schnauzer as a plate of cabbage rolls, World War Two might have been averted.

Yer dog an Alsatian, by any chance, Omni' ? ? ?

That dog is probably waiting to sink his teeth into one of those twinkies.
Theresa are you talking about Twinkies the pastries or the twinkies that own this dog?

Her other website: "Deepfried Pets" never had this kind of following, I'm still a big fan though...

cindy, how would your dogs respond to this reatment...not that you would ever torture them like this of course,

Dog is thinking: "Hmmm, does that hand have a cream filled center?"

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