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February 10, 2012


Bell High School is only the most recent victim in a string of tuba thefts from music departments.

(Thanks to qsman)

*Musically, this is true, right?


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Some of your larger pipe organs beat them out, but those are a lot harder to steal.

$3000.00 a night for banda playing tuba players?

Merely pointin' out yet another egregious error on the part of "journalists" ... a "tuba" is NOT a "Sousaphone" ... and vice-versa ... they are two, separate (and therefore quite distinct) instruments, though they have a similar function in music, certain characteristics of their performance make them different.

So ... when they catch these guys, there's gonna be a tuba litigation, eh?

Who even knew tubas had strings?

Maybe that's why they keep stealing tubas. They're looking for a tuba with strings.

Yeah; and apparently they only have an "A" string. Weird, huh?

The French horns are on high alert.

*snork* @ Meanie

Nothing lower? Contrabass clarinet? Bass baritone sax? Ophicleide? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Tromba marina?

Worst thing I've heard of since the FBI was investigating Philip Glass in the mysterious disappearance of an entire gamelan.

"Tubas are not exactly sexy instruments — they are big and awkward and often obscure the player’s face."

Wait... big and awkward is not the same as sexy?! So that's my problem!

Oh, and I'm not buying the whole "banda demand" explanation for the tuba/sousaphone thefts.

I suspect a conspiracy to finally achieve the brown note on a global scale (like that South Park episode).

i suspect csi will have an episode about that soon. call out the detectives! or the comedy writers at least.

Typical ethnic stereotyping. How do they know it's not oom-pah brass gangs playing the lucrative schuplatter party circuits are responsible?

Our music boosters are raising money to get a couple of new tubas for our high school band, but these things are expen$ive. If they catch these guys I'd appreciate a phone number.

Gangs of tuba stealing desperados from somewhere south? The UN needs to investigate...

or cheaper and better yet: Install better locks, get insurance and a video closed-circuit monitoring system stat!

Someone needs a tuba litigation....

All for banda which is not muy bueno.

My own input, albeit late to the party: Invest in some kind of GPS tracking on these instruments. They are extremely expensive and it's a ding dang shame that thieves are ruining the music programs of so many schools, not to mention disappointing many many students. There's a reason why we RENT our son's tuba - we can NOT afford to buy him one.

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