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February 10, 2012


Imagine this: You're quietly sipping coffee when your seat suddenly shrinks, your table shoots upward, and the music switches from soothing jazz to screamo in a heartbeat. That's the usual scenario inside the Kauko coffee shop in Helsinki, Finland, where you can grab a steaming cup of coffee for free...as long as you can endure abrupt changes in your environment that can be controlled by anyone with an internet connection.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Dave, I hate to tell you this but I've been in bars where the chairs suddenly felt much smaller and the tables seemed to be shooting all over the room. Of course this usually happened on ladies night after I had consumed an entire pitcher of beer.

It would be much funnier in a bar late at night. Some people wouldn't be able to figure out what was going on!

WTFBBQ? That's terrible.

Is there anyway we on the blog can play?

PS - Been there, done that, cindy (except for the 'ladies night' part).

Y'see, n'cin' ... that's the trubble with that American-brewed crap beer y'all drink ... it takes a whole pitcher fer y'all to start enjoyin' yer ownself ...

Now, with Guinness, OTOH, (or any of several Irish brews), y'all could feel that good after a mere seven or 16 pints ...

See how simple life can be?

CCoouulldd wwhhooeevveerr''ss aatt tthhee ccoonnttrroollss pplleeaassee ttuurrnn ooffff tthhee dduupplliiccaattoorr?? TThhaannkk yyoouu..

*turns Meanie's controls up to high*

And the echo chamber.

And the echo chamber.

I've had jobs like that.

Those Fins are a hoot.

What do you think drove Kimmo to drink, Hogs?

good thing they dont do that at the office. or church. wouldnt that be kinda fun?? think on it..

When experimental psychologists do this stuff, they're called unethical.

P.S. But then, their subjects don't voluntarily pay to be f**ked with.

P.P.S. Unlike clinical psychologists, whose subjects do.

Haut design has it's ups and downs.

Better be some d@mn good coffee.

I always wondered what Finns do to pass the time.

Now I know. And will cross Finland off my possible vacations list.

Reminds me of Candid Camera. But they had better stunts and video.

True story. I spent just a little too long at happy hour, came home for supper, the kids were all out so my wife decides it would be a good time to go out. Back to the same watering hole. Hours later we left, and seconds after we had backed out of the parking spot and headed down the street the power went out and the whole town went black. Which was a relief because for a few seconds there I thought it was me.

Here's the actual website, but the cafe's closed right now. They're open between 12:30 and 19:30 EET(17:30 during the weekend). That's 5:30 AM to 12:30PM Eastern time.

They do have some funny videos on the site though. The second one from the left has a couple trying to kiss when the table rockets up and shoves them apart.

Too much spillage.

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