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February 22, 2012


Man Chooses Pet Buffalo as Best Man at Vow Renewal Ceremony


(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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That's a lot of Bull! I bet he can Buffalo his way past security and his wedding gift was what he left

"towering"? Not really ... that's an old livestock photography trick ... put the camera on the ground so the animal looks bigger ... not that he's "small" ... but ... he's got a few years to go before he reaches the "one-ton-plus" size of an adult ... this pic wuz four years ago, so he's prolly perty large right now ... and ... "temperamental" ... ? ... yeah, I'd say so ... wonderin' if he's "housebroken" ...

He's at home watching Human Planet right now.

Actually, my dog doesn't do any of the things the article says this critter does, "just like a dog." Nor, in fact, do any of the many dogs I know. He sounds more like a city council member or some generic local politician than he does like a dog,


But with them big hoofies, can he use the clicker to change channels if he wants to watch Dances with Wolves? Prolly a lotta kinfolk ... um ... kinbison ... of his in that movie ...

Hey, if a buffalo wants to be your best man, you may as well just start shopping for an extra large four-legged tuxedo.

Next: The Dog Whisperer's Greatest Challenge:
"A Collie Trapped IN the body of a Giant Bison"

Even Dr.Phil would have a time with this one...

lady: get out while you still can.

If I were Ronald's wife I would do a couple of things to make this situation a little more bearable. First, unless my first name was Heidi, I would lose the pigtails. Then I would tell the husband Ronald that he and Wildthing should go to a place where they can both roam and play with some deer and antelope. Permanently.

He'd better watch out--she wouldn't be the first bride to notice the Best Man is more "qualified", IYKWIM...

n'cin' ... y'all prolly shouldn't say "pigtails" around a temperamental bison ... "braids" might be a way to avoid offendin' a separate animal group ... merely tryin' to help ...

How can she stand the smell?

And the bull prolly stinks too!

True O the U. At least I didn't say ponytails. As for Allen's comment about Wildthing's qualifications. Has anyone ever had a little dog take a strong liking to their leg? Now imagine the same scenario with Wildthing.


That's all I got to say about that...

Its a BISON not a BUFFALO. Retraction needed.

... um ... rather not, n'cin' ... I have enuf trubble with the dogs the way it is ... thinkin' of a critter that weight 40 times as much is ... disconcertin' ... to say the least ...

& Yeah ... "ponytails" (besides bein' affiliated with a horse's butt) is fer little girls ... "braids" OTOH, mite have a smidgen of dignity, fer older, more mature folks ... or mebbe not ... frum sum of the hippie-style ones I've seen ... NEAT is OK, but scraggly is less appealin' to Moi Ownself, merely sayin' ...

Oh give me a home
where the buffalo roam
and I'll show you a house
that's not clean...

Not a bad idea... Saves on tux rentals.

whar often is herd
a disparagin' word
'cuz the carpet's not clean from his play

At a vow renewal-type wedding ceremony, does the Best Man/Beast still do the garter removal and toss thing?

Scene but not herd.

he carried the wrings

The bride wore white with a steaming brown hem.

<3 this 1:

♫ Girl, I herd you're getting married
Herd you're getting married, this time you're really sure
And this is the end, they say you really mean it
This guy's the one that makes you feel so safe
So sane and so secure....

cindy, I'm with you on the whole pigtails thing.

I do like her hat, however.

I would hate to see the bachelor party.

Snorks @NC, @Carlito...

Imagine if Wildthing had to dance with all the girls er ladies...

I hear he's all left hoofed....

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