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February 01, 2012


Spider's Detachable Penis Finishes Without Him

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and Ralph)


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"Detachable Penii" WBAGNFA ... um ... Happiness Toy store?

(Wonder how long the batteries last ... )

Does Dave realize he once wrote a column about a song called 'Detachable Penis'?

I knew they sometimes start up before we're ready...

The real question is: did it finish without her?

There have been times when this would have come in handy...like when we're right in the middle and I'm thinking, "Oh man, I need to take the garbage out and unload the dishwasher." I could have left detachable Mr. Happy with my wife and gone about my chores.

Multitasking ... the potential to end war and save relationships, eh, Scott?

The sad part is that unless you're a lizard, it won't grow back.

That also applies to lounge lizards, who usually aren't real lizards genetically.

Dave incorrectly attributed the song in his story about "Detachable Penis". It is not by the Dead Milkmen, it is by King Missile. Is it weird that I know and remember that?

Nope, S@SL ... now get off my lawn and onto the Geezer Bus ...

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