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February 19, 2012


The 10 trashiest U.S. cities for Spring Break (and Florida is home to five of them)

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Aren't Co-eds girls? I would have thought Coed Magazine to be all shoes, all the time.

Don't be crazy Elon. They also have makeup and cute tops. I can't believe that Myrtle Beach, SC is on that list. I go there at least twice a year and always have a great time. I can't exactly remember HOW I have a great time but I do know, thanks to my good friends, that I've had a lot of fun.

I kinda like the link that's about the "mass vomiting and diarrhoea" amidst 16 (19?) cheerleading squads ... merely sayin' ... it provides a broader, more eclectic view of the concept bein' discussed ...

O the U.
1) That is the weirdest fetish I have ever heard of.
2) Those are high school cheerleaders. They aren't legal.
3) My money is on norovirus.

The trash begins to arrive here in about three weeks. There is not a local alive that would even think of going to the beach until after the hold my beer and watch this crowds all go back to school. Oh and this year they are holding a bikini parade to break a world record. What could go wrong? Wonder if they tried to get Joe Francsis to judge it?

Miami is only #6? Dave will surely demand a recount.

Pictures NC, please.

South Padre is cool - not much to do there except drink, fish, and lay out. Used to be going the 30 miles to Mexico was a nice evening jaunt. Now you will end up dead. We go every year, well after the spring break festivities are over.

I'm assuming Camel Hump, Wyoming isn't on the list.

Prolly not, Clankie ... neither is the "beach" @ Camel's Hump Dam in SW Nodak ...

I'm surprised that Panama City isn't higher on that list.

What happened to Cancún and Acapulco? A few dead bodies lying around just adds to the trashiness.

If you go to Tulane, you don't get "Spring Break." You get - Mardi Gras. All the rest are lame imitations.

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