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February 22, 2012


...you'll need a condom.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Sheep? IS this a sign in WVA?

Hey ewe! Just a note, you can't ru n very fast in the hat.

True. You don't see that many sheep in the South Bronx, other than the occasional escapee from the saughterhouse.

That's a cute picture of the lamb in the hat but I agree the billboard needs to come down.

ewe'd be drinkin', too, if ewe had that wild emu ridin' ur @ss so long

The Bronx: Where Men are Men, and Sheep are Paranoid.

Lived in the Bronx, not too far from Hunts Point, until I was 13. Very few sheep around then, but the ones that were there were pretty tough.

Mikey, that is clearly an underage sheep. We have our standards, you know.

O'er the lamb parts we watched....

*HUGE chuckle @ Ralph's post! (NOT @ Ralph his ownself ... wanna be clear on that ...)

... um ... wuz gonna say sumthin' about sheeps havin' AIDS ... but Dave already sorta mentioned that ... and it's still early, coffee hasn't yet kicked in, so I got nuthin' which would be ... um ... whut wuz the question?

FOB's and hooker sheep? Did I miss the warning that this is a strictly NSFW day?

Hooker prices can very widely. The key words, as in
real estate, are "Education, Vocation, Location"...specially the last one. I was approached by a female street walker who asked for $10 for a good time. In Hollywood, I understand the going rate
varies but is twenty times as much, or more....

Unless you are talking T.J.Hooker, which I would rather not...

funny, did that $10 hooker offer to be your "baaa-aaaa-d girl"?

Not exactly. She said for $10 she'd show me a good time. But she looked like hell froze over. So I walked

Later I saw her on Cops on a Kansas City "episode"....

Learn sumthin' every day ... I thot it wuz only Montana where the sheeps wuz "nervous" ...

funny man, for the $10 she was going to give you the opportunity to be on Cops with her!

I think the ad writers need better education, when I saw "hooker pricing" on an alcohol ad, I immediately thought of $15.00/glass barely alcoholic drinks.

Excellent point, max ... those ad-types prolly don't get out into the real world much ...

Not that I've ever been there ... but ... I've heard about that sorta place ... yup ... heard about 'em ...

I went to a strip club with a friend once. He told me we were going somewhere else entirely. But he was driving...
Anyway, he left to buy a drink for one of the "ladies" and another sat down beside me, obviously expecting a drink and, maybe, more.
I thought for a moment, then leaned over and spoke into her ear. I said, "Maam, I'm here with a friend. I'm married and don't want to do anything to hurt that. You might do better at another table."
I didn't know if she'd knock my head off or what?
Instead, she said, "That's sweet. Thank you."
Just thought I'd say something for the comfort ladies.

I had a similar experience in *mumble* Steve ... gal sat down to talk, wuz nice, then politely suggested that I should buy her a drink, or she'd hafta move to another table ... I said that wuz OK, and she smiled nicely when she left ... (I sorta gnu whut the deal wuz, and wuzn't up fer buyin' an $8 glass of "whiskey-colored" stuff, prolly ginger ale ... that wuz ... um ... a LONG time ago ... price is prolly up to $25 by now ...)

I was on a business trip once and the guy at the other end said, as we enetered the strip club, "The night's on my company credit card." When ever a sweet young thing came to the table I told her to have two because "the night's on his company credit card." We didn't lose the acount, but his job was in jeopardy for a long time and he was out of purchasing.

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