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February 18, 2012


Men Hide Stolen Air Fresheners in Pants

(Thanks to ligirl)


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Is that a little pine tree in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

$217.00 in stolen merchandise from the dollar store, do the math, he must have been wearing LL-cool-J balloon pants from the 80's- probably stolen from the local salvation army thrift store

perfect for the man who likes to scratch

'n sniff

I wuz amused by the story below that one ... two guys sorta accosted a girl, asked fer her phone number, and when she refused, stole her phone ...

... um ... guys? If y'all TOOK her phone, y'all can't CALL her on it ... DUH!

well, at least their, uh, man parts smelled good.....perhaps an improvement?

they hung 'em right under their pair of fuzzy dice

Another week to the pair of shorts. Somebody needs a Nobel nomination.

If all they'd stolen was new " Country Fresh Banana " scent, who'd have known the difference ?

That's sad when you have to steal air fresheners. what did they need to freshen up anyway?

For that clean, fresh cavity search.

Sunk by the funk.

Dollar store managers!
Sniffing out crime wherever it might be!

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