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February 10, 2012


Giant foam presidents
 to run alongside 
undie-wearing racers

(Thanks to Carl Youngdahl)


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Can we combine the underwear run with the Taser guys? It might make for some interesting press coverage.

To quote Gene Kelly in Scene 1 of 'Singin' in the Rain': "Dignity...always Dignity!"

I dunno ... Congress'droids showin' off their skid marks? I sorta doubt I'd pay money to see that ...

(Din't Giant Foam Presidents open fer Paul Revere & the Rebels?)

3,000 scantily clad racers are expected to participate in the run down Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday.
Don't they ever do any street maintenance in Washington, D.C.? If the street is run down someone could trip and fall on a foam founding father.

This is a disgrace, because those foam "presidents" are cheap imitations of the Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages (C). How DARE they denigrate the integrity of our sausages by insinuating they are related to politicians?

this calls for a capital debriefing

"...fall on a foam founding father."

*Snork* at NC - Makes me recall the famous words of somebody or other, "Avoid alliteration ... always."

To be followed by the Wilbur Mills Memorial Tidal Basin Stripper Triathlon.

Oh, Loudmouth, I'm saving you a seat on the bus.

Giant Foam Presidents WBAGNFARB.

*passes pad a nice frosty brew*

Calm down, dude.

We locals remember the good times.

They came in very handy in Fukushima.

Oops, wrong thread -- sorry.

It's all part of the sophisticated governmental checks and balances built into our Constitution. The Giant Foam President branch makes policy and sets the federal budget, apparently slashing deeply into racer clothing funds this year. The Squeaky Voiced Finger Puppet Legislative branch must approve the budget and can constrain the Giant Foam Presidents' policies by passing laws such as the one requiring runners' underwear to meet mandatory cleanliness standards before they can be sold as Tighty Whities. The third branch, the independent Blindfolded Black Snugli Gavelers of Justice interpret the laws and the policies by making rulings on matters such as whether undie-clad runners can be compelled to run through the Lincoln bedroom.

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