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February 14, 2012


"Tongue in Testicles is always a good one,” Knight says of his sheep testicle and lamb tongue mélange.

(Thanks to Karen in Panama City)


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Interesting dish.

"Tongue in Testicles" WBAGNFA Smurf's porn movie.

Ask bonmot.

On a related topic you never did ask what guys wanted for Valentine's Day

Politician: " I'm not going to respond to those charges. Wait... Now, what's that article about again ? "

Not in my sickest dreams nightmares.

I'd rather be hit in the stomach with a vomit covered mop...wait, did the drunk have the testi-stuff?

"Shaved calf heart with pumpernickel and barley goes with hearts of palm"

Er ... good to know ....

Offal unappealing.

Has anyone asked Santorum about this?

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