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February 10, 2012


NYC sewage plant to offer Valentine's Day tours

(Thanks to jon harris)


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If you love the smell of napalm garbage in the morning....

The smell, and a "Hershey kiss" ...

Wonder if a guy's date would tell him to "kiss my glass" ...

Start this off with some bull testicle pie and you have the perfect Valentine's Day.

Why would anyone even suggest a tour of a sewage plant on Valentines Day or any day. Ewwwwww! Gross.

"Makes the rest of your relationship smell like roses..."

So THAT's what she meant when she said, 'kiss me where it stinks'!

My wife probably would not appreciate chocolate from a sewer plant.

Breaking up won't be hard to do after that.

One of Neil Sedaka's great ones.

"My love for you is like harmless sludge and gas... hey, come back!"

Obligatory: J. Geils - Love Stinks, Oh Yeah.

I'm afraid one Hershey's kiss is not going to be enough...unless maybe this one.

Is North Dakota going to compete with tours of the Dave Barry Lift Station No. 16?

Um....I don't think that's "romance" in the air, Dave.

I haven't heard any breakin' news (or gnus) about it yet, Ralph ... tho I do know the rules of the "Incredible Cats" fishin' party (and Dave's "mention" of it is whut took him to Nodak in the first place) have been changed ... sumthin' about different regulations on either side of the river (which kinda could serve to keep all them Minnesnowtans outta our Wonder State if they'd only take away all them bridges) and ... ennyway ... no plans, yet ...

Tho I'm gonna make a point to visit there @ our next family reunion ... I could get tickets fer y'all ...

Perfect for that guy or gal who wants to break up on Valentine's Day. After this visit, the significant other will be relieved by the break up!

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