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February 21, 2012


...for the Dwarf Bullfighters.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who believes they opened for Stevie Wonder in '63.)


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'They may think we go out there to be laughed at, but that's not the case.'

No, that's just a fringe benefit.

'If a little person can fight a bull, he can do anything. That's what we're trying to prove.'

From the pics in the article, I see the fighting, but I don't see the winning.

So they will have very little, tiny broken necks...

Man. I'm tired of all this dwarf bull.

So ... would they be better off if they had teensy-weensy Picadors?

Whistle while you .... er, bleed?

I thought the horns grew at adulthood in bulls?
But what do I know?
I do recognize BS when I hear it. It's like my native language.

Do they whistle while they work?

*snork* at Meanie

If I had to fight a bull I'd fight a dwarf bull than a full-sized one, but it does seem unfair to mach dwarf bulls against trained bullfighters.

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