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February 14, 2012


A Canadian guy named Joe has been digging out the basement of his house using nothing but radio-controlled scale model construction equipment... since 1997.

(Thanks to Ron Gibb)


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He's Canadian. What else is there to do?

Didja hear about the guy who tried to dig a basement for his ice-fishing shanty?

Gee, I bet it will take him a long, long, long time to finish at that rate.

I can understand why the Canadian government does want to waste its money or valuable jail space on him.

The RC tractor runs like a Deere, and the owner is more than a bit queer.

His biography will either be titled "I can dig it!" or "Did the Earth move for you, too?"

Why do I get the feeling that this man is single?

Is this his mother's basement we're talking about....and does he live there?

Yes, PB, I'm sure he's single.

- and his sister's barbies have 'gone missing'...

I'll take Coco one further and suggest that mother is in the basement watching him. Think of the last scene in Psyco.

It's a dirty job, but somebody ... actually, never mind.

I person on my train claimed that a coworker created a basement underneath the concrete slab for his house one bucket at a time. To avoid being taxed on the increased value of the house, he would dump a few buckets of soil at a time on his way to work.

By the time the guy retired, he had a basement carved out underneath his Chicago Bungalow.

Note this is from the same source as the guy with the wood stove in his car.

Not - I knew an old guy in my town who did this. Every time he crawled under the house, for any reason, he dug up a bucketful of dirt. 25 years later, he had a nice basement workshop.

As for the dirt? Curses, soiled again!

I read that as "digging out of his basement", and I thought boy, will he be surprised when he finally comes out!

For one thing, nobody says "Getting jiggy" anymore. Come to think about it, that's the only major change I can think of.

This is Canada after all, where the most exciting event, one that carries a pacemaker warning, is sitting around a fire singing John Denver songs

I went into a small gift shop in Ontario once.
While there, I asked if there were any restaurants nearby? The cashier pointed out a stair in the corner heading down. She said they had a small diner down there.
The "small diner" must have seated over 100 people, had a full menu, and the kitchen was off somewhere I couldn't see.
I'm certain this had something to do with taxes or heating bills.
Wonder how long they worked with their buckets to dig that?

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