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February 08, 2012


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Pharmacy Technician of the Week.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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he owes it all to his Pa

Dang. Another one we'll never see. Wonder how funny this one wuz.

Smart counting? Are there a lot of dumb counters running around in pharmacies?

If I were not prohibited from doing so by the Blog's Strict Policy, I would definitely say "Har".

Beano is in aisle 5

Is it any wonder that he only has one connection?

Ya think his mother was a bad Mama Jama?

Whoa this was even funnier in Japanese since Jama means to interrupt or be troublesome.

He did what in his Jamas?

teehee. oh, scuse me...

I think they meant:

He, besides being a pharma cyst, was a musician, who
invunted the fartun jams, a type of dance/rap/fart
ritual with unique moves and smells....


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