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February 22, 2012


Local mom making a career out of head lice

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Sort of a "hair today, gone tomorrow" success story?

My guess is she snacks on them. "LIce vet nice!"

"If they fall off the hair, they're just sort of like, oh no," she said."

Oh, Lord.


"it" wuz everywhere? "IT?" ... never saw any sorta case with only ONE louse ... well, besides the ex-son-in-law, I mean ... and there's actually two of them, so ...

Does she do earworms? My iPod is full of 'em.

*Snork @ Dave*

I second Meanie's snork. My daughter's 2nd grade class had an infestation several years ago. I did not panic when she brought a note home telling me to treat her for head lice. I just boiled and bleached everything in the house. She looked kind of cute as a blonde.

O the U - Its was everywhere.

Much gooder.

Does anyone else's head itch right now?

Lousy...I get it !

Tnx, muchly, Punkin ... I'm pleased to no that at least SUM of the folks wuz payin' attenshun in skul ...

When my daughter was in third grade, she was sent home with lice. We lived a nightmare for six weeks. I used all my sick & vaca time combing, vacuuming, laundering, etc. Turns out that there was a family who didn't treat their kids, just kept sending them back to reinfect the rest of their classmates. Finally had to get a prescription from the pediatrician to kill them. SHEESH, what a nightmare.

Doctors will give ya a prescription to kill whole families?!?!?!

I did NOT know that!

(Merely teasin' MOTW ... we had our own sessions as nitpickers ... but ours usually wuz over a lot more easily ...)

I remember once in elementary school coming home with a "lice" note. (There was one family with "dirty" kids.) Anyhow, my Polish grandma made me lean over the sink while she poured kerosene over my head (ISIANMTU), then went through my hair with one of those teeny tiny combs to find the 'lil critters.

gotta love grandmas...miss her.

MOTW, sshh! Don't tell them too much about the prescription that will kill entire families! We're working on a special formula right now that will make the Kardashian's disappear! Coconuts, I'm glad your grandma wasn't smoking when she did the kerosene thing. But, it does work. I had a lady bring her little girl into the e.r. one night. I saw our receptionist jump up and move away from them which was very unusual. She said the woman wanted to know if her little girl had head lice. I looked up and she had them so bad the nits had hatched and they were flying around her head. We all put on surgical caps immediately and treated the poor little girl. Our heads itched for a week.

Y'know, n'cin' ... y'all DO get around to mostly ALL the medical departments with experiences and war stories to match ... don't'cha?

(Color me impressed. Again.)

She got a new lease on lice.

@O the U -

i kinda like when nc gets all forrest gumpy

THAT'S who I bin trineta think uv ... I gnu it wuzn't Cliff Clavin ...

tnx, ligirl ... all that thinkin' wuz wearin' me down ...

Standard price for seam squirrels.
Double that for crotch crickets.

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