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February 08, 2012




(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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We should've had a bigger boat ...

We gonna have a bigger sushi.

"Thar she blows!" and they weren't kidding, Moby.

They're preparing to take this on Miami's transit system and sell it.

It IS Miami's transit system.

does it have a squoob?

I'd like to see Dad flush that one down the toilet.

That would be one hell of a fish fry all right not to mention the tarter sauce.

The shark was already dead, so did it occur to anyone that its meat might not be the freshest.

Also, whale sharks are endangered. I don't think we should be eating them.

This was in Pakistan, so beware of eating the Pakistani sushi for the next 60 days...

I think it should be illegal to catch and kill sharks, unless we're talking about great whites that are eating people along the beach. There has been all sorts of disruption to the food chain lately because the predators and scavengers are being fished into extinction.

Agrees with Guin. It bothers me to read stories about how certain countries' fishermen will cut the fins off sharks for virility or whatever, leaving the creature without the means to navigate or defend itself, bleeding to death. Maybe the fishermen would like to have a vital member cut off from their own body and then be thrown back to wander around in their community. (doubtful)


"Thar she blows" just happens to be the caption for my all time favorite Playboy comic

No strain on them cranes, from cables to table.

Jimmy G. on his J-O-Bee

Sharkie McNuggets.

BTW, whale blows, shark doesn't.

Ok then - Thar She, Um, Lies There...Limp-like.

That shark meat would never legally be sold in the US, it being dead when found.
People, at least in my areas, are much more concerned with sharks than they were decades ago. Back then, if you caught a shark, you killed it.
Now, if a surf or pier fisherman catches a shark, the tourists come over to "pet" it and, I suspect, to be sure it is all right when released.

I didn't see where in the article it says the shark was dead when they found it? And they're selling it for FOOD? *eeewwww*

Guin: "The whale shark was already dead when the fishermen found it 93 miles from Karachi, but they had the daunting task of getting the carcass to shore."

Given my druthers, I'd prefer that any shark be kept at least 93 miles frum my crotchee ... merely sayin' ...

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