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February 01, 2012


The Daily Press of Escanaba reports only one fish was caught by the more than 400 kids and adults participating in this weekend's Jig It Ice Fishing Extravaganza at Escanaba Yacht Harbor in the Upper Peninsula.


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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We have a winner!

I really don't see why this is "news" (not "gnus") ... many "ice-fishing derbies" have this happen ... the people runnin' 'em are locked into a date, and the weather that has a major influence on "whether fish are biting" does not have this limitation ...

Weather does whut it wants, and often this affects feedin' habits of fishes ... (there's a LARGE such event in Nodak every year ... many thousands of anglers thru the ice ... more than once, there has been only one, or even none, caught ...

they have to kiss the fish?

or did they eat it uncooked?

either way they look ill...

fix im some malt-o-meal and a warm blanket...

My wife asked me how my fishing trip went.
I told her every one I caught cost about $100 if the trip was figured in.
"That trip wasn't worth it, was it?" she asked.
"Of course it was!" I replied.
Women. Who can figure?

That is one unlucky fish.

Steve, don't blame the women, that's how my male friends answer me when I ask them to go on fishing trips. They'd rather go to the store & get $60 worth of guaranteed fish. No fun...


I'd have almost as much success ice fishing in a hockey arena, and I wouldn't be bothered by any wind, other than gentle breezes from meandering Zambonis.

So they were just getting jiggy with it?

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