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February 09, 2012


Fake rhino attempts zoo escape

Do not miss the video.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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The effects of nuclear radiation from last year's meltdown have apparently spread much wider than previously thought.

Rip-off! My son's kindergarten teacher developed this sophisiticated plan in 1973. And it worked a lot better, too.

okay, okay: "sophisticated".

Sounds like a new employee prank to me.

Hey Kyoko, put this costume on (snicker, snicker) and pretend you are trying to escape, so that we can see how well we can catch escaping rhinos (gaffaw, snort)!

positively pythonic, and i do mean monty.

Yeah, guys, I think a real one is faster and has functional joints. And one brain controlling all the legs.
It would be a load of fun watching that crew react to a real one.
That reminds me of the disaster drills we used to have where we knew ahead of time the schedule and nature of the disaster.

Run, it's rhinozira!

I can't believe they passed up the chance to use the water cannon or the animal tranquilizers.

This is below par for Japan. a country that can make Gojira (Godzilla) movies, Ultra Man, Giant Robot,
Mothra and many many others comes up with a cheap, cheesy Rhino simulation like this?

Something is going On--"wrong?"--In Japan

If that were a "real rhino" and it waqs trying to escape, would it be "so docile" before tranqs?

For shame! I for one, miss the creativity of the
Japanese, who brought us a movie about a boy named Kenny and his pet giant flying turtle!

Isn't this kinda like the guy who stole that "world's larges masturbator" ... ? ? ?

Well ... mebbe not ... but it had me fooled fer a couple of nanoseconds there ...

(IMH-BC-O, that guy din't get "knocked down" ... he wuz lollerin' so much he fell down of his own accord ... )

Why is the rhino wearing blue eye shadow??? Is it escaping because it has a date?

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