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February 21, 2012


Woman Accused Of Stealing $2 Pumpkin Faces Trial

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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They have got to be kidding! It is nice to know that Albuquerque has solved all it's other problems.

She should have pleaded Funnel Cake. No jury would convict her.

Actually, this is (sorta) a good thing ... IIRC, the precedent this case must follow wuz brung before the SCOTUS, for a speeding ticket ... end result wuz that EVERYTHING ... MUST have the option of a trial (tho mebbe not necessarily "by jury" ... ? ? ?) ... and an extension of this principle decrees that a person on trial has the right to be represented by an attorney ...

Yeah, it's a major inconvenience for her, but it could've merely been a "fine and costs, and a permanent blotch on the record" with NO chance to refute, rebut or challenge ...

Yup ... not fun fer her, but it could've been werse, IMH-ALC-O ... and the opinion of SCOTUS, as well ...

For the sake of the trial, I hope the prosecution is fully prepared to produce the original evidence.

O the U. Huh?

It's a perfect opportunity for pleading temporary insanity -- she was out of her gourd.

Forsooth, n'cin' ... merely attemptin' to add a bit of perspective ... to both sides of the question ...

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