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February 22, 2012



(Thanks to John Grant)


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Bet they play Sinatra music. (Let's see how many geezers music lovers there are out there who get this.

Mikey, you were way ahead of me. I'll save you a seat on the bus.

Thanks Jeff.

Maybe it's me, but I just can't take a posting on Goo-net very seriously.

i think i wore out this one* "rockin' down the highway" (on 8 track!)

*ducks down & lights doobie in back of bus*


*proud to have been a do-bee & not a don't-bee*

*crawls even further back in bus*

I see Billy, and Debbie, and Terry, and I see ligirl, and ... um, what's that she's holding? Oh!

*drops mirror*


I'm tryin' to listen to Ol' Blue Eyes!

*resumes drivin' the bus ... with turn-signal still operatin' as it has for the last 4,526 miles ...*

Magic Mirror, tell me today, have all my friends had fun at play?

*remembers waiting to hear name...................*

* * cries * *

"I see Paris, and I see Snooki, and I see Coco. I see Hoff, I see Lindsay, ......"


♫ "Baby, you can smoke my car,
But it won't take you far
Then maybe I'll munch you..."♫

Miss Judy, of Romper Room fame, was killed today on the geezer bus when a fight broke out over doobies, a bong, old blue eyes and a broken mirror. In other news...

Just kidding....seriously, there were "Miss Judy's" in several locals as Romper Room was at times a national and then franchised TV show....and local hostesses were hired to spy on kids....google or wiki Romper Room...

Extra luggage space on the Geezer Bus for anyone who actually remembers what store had the "Romper Room Corner", usually selling Buster Brown shoes, and a inflatable, hideous clown you were supposed to "bop". I remember hating that thing, which probably explains my dislike of all things clownish.

Romper, stomper, bomper, boom?

... um ... a shoe store, P'B' ... ?

(We's frum a rural area ... din't have any fancy stores nearby ... as in, "within 400 miles" ... and we hadda walk six miles in the snow to school ... uphill both ways ... and BAREFOOT ... shoes? Whut shoes?)

I got guacamole in my eyes and my doctor gave me a prescription for it.

I guess I'm too old for the geezer bus, I only vaguely remember the show distastefully from when my little brother used to watch it. Hmm, now that I think of it, the show might have been on the 3rd TV channel which we didn't get until I was 10.

That's my guess, max ... we only got one channel in the early years, and it din't have "Romper Room" or Howdy Doody or Kukla, Fran & Ollie, or Beanie & Cecil ...

Besides me bein' older than the target group when those programs wuz on, I also had a deprived childhood ... I had to make up my own games and play outdoors with neighbors & friends ...

You mean Miss Judy couldn't actually see me in her Magic Mirror as I sat rapt in front of the black-and-white TV? Oh, the horrors...

*spells O the U in the driver's seat, since I can actually drive a 45-foot bus*

Nobody here is as old as I, remembering "Plunk your magic *something* Froggie" "Hiya kids, hiya." The above reference to Buster Brown shoes reminded me of it. Reminded me of what??? What's this bus you all speak of?

Where'd I leave that steerin' wheel?

Won't argufy, David the M' ... y'all can claim it y'all wanna ... never made me any decent money ...

Old? I'll talk about old!

How many can remember bein' allowed to listen to Fibber McGee & Molly, followed by The Great Gildersleeve ... but hadda be in bed, so it wuz merely the sound of the radio frum the other room ... and followin' that wuz Nelson Eddy's Penthouse Party ... or how about Boston Blackie (not to mention them others, like The Shadow, and The Lone Ranger, and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, and such) ... all on radio ... all a special time, so we hadda be @ home ... and sendin' in a whole 25 cents and a box frum Ralston to get a pedometer, or a box top to ... um ... Cheerios, I think ... for a little fake leather bag of dirt, and a deed fer "one square inch of land, in the Yukon!" ...

Now ... where's that bus?

I never saw "Romper Room Corner", but our local shoe store had an actual x-ray machine you could put your feet in and see your bones moving around in your shoes.
It was great and now I can walk in the dark without a light.

It was "Plunk your magic twanger, froggie!" Spoken by none other than Andy Divine, if memory serves. Which it sometimes still does.

"Hiya kids, hiya hiya hiya!"

I actually DO recall that ... must've been when we wuz visitin' cousins in a larger market area ... and I've stayed in a hotel on Andy Devine Road in Kingman, AZ, more than once ...

YES! "Twanger" was the word I thought I recalled, but was afraid to type it...as it might have been something else...you know. Speaking of radio, was there something called Baby Snooks...or Snooki..And didn't the Great Gildersleeve have some sort of strange laugh. It's all coming back to me now...sort of.

Um, ok, I'm not quite geezerly enough to remember radio-only shows....but I remember Froggy and his Magic Twanger!

Radio shows, now I don't feel so old. The more things change they more they stay the same, this afternoon I saw some whippersnapper moving around trying to get his phone to work and it looked just like the ol' rabbit-ear dance.

Usually a smoking car means it's burning oil.

One of the local NPR stations has been running old radio shows on Sun. nights for decades. I'm not old enough to have heard any original broadcasts, but some of them are quite good.

Our Romper Room in DC was hosted by Miss Francis. I was more of a Howdy Doody and Cap'n Tugg kid (Popeye & 3 Stooges).

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