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February 22, 2012


But we can't take any chances.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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If more drummers would trade their kits for beer, the world would be a better place.

They were the iPad of Turd bands.

Like Jefferson Airplane, drugs took their toll. The Turds of Misery veered in a flower-child direction and became the Turds of Joy. Lead Turd Meathead Bunkerinlaw eventually fired the other Turds, hired new bandmates, and renamed the band simply Joy. Their one hit, "We Built This Toilet on Rock and Roll", was widely acclaimed as one of the five worst songs in history.

*should be "As with Jefferson Airplane", but oddly enough, it works both ways!

The Turds of Misery WBAGN...oh, wait.

Pray, child. Pray you were adopted, lest these be YOUR jeans...

um, genes. I plead trauma from reading about the keyboard jeans first...

Well, SOMEbody's been to Taco Bell.

Boy, these guys deserved to fail ... perty dumb ... when they had the shirts made, they misspelled "Mystery" ... sheesh!

And don't forget when they changed their name to "Starship Turds of Misery."

Turds of Misery WBAGNF dwarf bullfighters.

"Turds of Mystery" would be more appealing. See, if that had been their name, they'd be rich and famous by now. Really.

One *hit wonders?

Solve the mystery.

Which one is the head Turd? The biggest, perhaps?

They should have a bandleader ... directin' 'em ... with a toilet plunger* ...

*We call that a "turd herder" around here ...

Yeah, you've blogged that before but they really look like they are in misery and turds at that.

Sorta lends an actual real-life imagery to the concept of "turdhead" ... eh?

Ad in a local rag:

LOST: ANY DIRECTION, If found please contact the TURDS OF MISERY. No reward but free rags. Tanks.

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