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February 08, 2012


Mating call of an extinct bush-cricket rings out again after 165m years

(Thanks to The Perts)


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huh... thought my cell phone battery was low again

Keith Richards' first guitar.

But ... think of all them crickets out there that'll hear this, and not be able to find the maker ... for purposes of "mating" ... cruel and unusual, eh?

Translated: "Hey Bay-BE Hey Bay-BE"

(Thank you, The Far Side)

"What's your sign?"

I'm tired about hearing about the Bush's, and Hef.

And what exactly does this have to do with the Crickets? Some think Buddy was mur-dahed....

I thought maybe they had cloned the cricket and this was the start of Jurassic Insect take over.

Yeah? One small problem. His last girlfriend was 165M years ago. They're a lot more liberated now.

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