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February 05, 2012


Could squirrel meat come back into vogue?

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Them's good eatin'!

--Granny Clampett

What about flying squirrels? Is a shotgun appropriate for them?

Jeff & Granny, be advised:

Ground squirrels — like prairie dogs, and chipmunks — can carry the Bubonic Plague. “And that’s not,” says Shaw, “good eatin’.”

hey! so they'll be appearing in the Halftime Show?!

I never understood the decisions editors make at
Vogue but I guess if they can feature Lady Gaga they can feature squirrels.

" ...The state ( Minnesota ) has such a vibrant squirrel scene..."

The legislature is full of them.

"Which part of the squirrel do you like best, Miss Stephanie?"

"Historians say that this is what won the Revolutionary war"

Huh, I must have missed that lecture in History 101.

No. next question, please...

According to some of my Georgia relatives it's never gone out of vogue.

When my son was younger he wanted to go squirrel hunting. I shot one (with a shotgun, mind you)off a branch at least 50 feet off the ground. It dropped to the ground and laid there motionless until we got over to it, then ran off. After all these generations, by British ancestry still plagues me.

Squirrel meat is way tastier than chicken, venison, beef, etc. A 12-gauge shotgun with bird shot does nicely or a .22 LR with a scope.

In Louisiana people sell "squirrel dogs" bred presumably for their squirrel finding prowess.

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