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February 23, 2012


What Beer Can Teach Us About Emerging Technologies

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The future can take care of itself. And I'll have a
Heinekin while I ponder that!

- subtitle: 'How to Get a Head'

I might have done better in college if I could have taken classes on beer.

LOL! Then that's all folks. Nothing's wrong with it if you'd follow what beer commercials have said. Drink moderately!

'What're you majoring in?'

'Engineering. What about you?'


Beer makes everyone look better.

Saving the world one head at a time.

If only Ponce de Leon had known.....

An ice cold frosty beer on a hot day. Yum.

New class offered for next semester: Cocaine Through the Ages, all students will receive a packet of start-up materials delivered personally by special course assistant Vinny "the bulldog"

have you heard about the

The Hall of Beer Heroes?

A friend of mine in high school learned a great lesson from some home brewed beer.
And that lesson was: don't take home-brew to school. Especially if it is artfully concealed in your body.

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