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February 21, 2012


Unfortunately our strict policy etc.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Oh. Wowser!

Who would EVER name their kid that way ...

(Rhetorical question. Obviously, Mom and Dad ...)

I suppose it's better than being Dick DeSHORT.

Any relation to Bill D. Boner?

Ah, and you must log in to LinkedIn to see his FULL PROFILE! So the name is just a tesaer...

*wonderin' if this guy has a brother ... uncle? ... named Alex ... who broke the antenna off my car durin' a fight (with another guy) @ a dance, when I wuz MUCH younger ... nah ... couldn't be ... *

SO much snorkage!

"Not the Dick Delong you were looking for? View more » "

Just in a sense of fairness, I looked and confirmed several Richard (Dick) Short's in Kentucky.

There's another contractor in my area named Delong with a differenct first name, but he has a reputation as a real dick.

So, may I ask, what is Dick Delong's greatest (snork) asset?

Is he highly skilled, hanging around or often stiff and tight?

Sometimes works for NSE.


Being a girl of the female gender, I would ask if that would not be a bit painful, unless that is the uh, point.

He used to be Dick Short but he used one of those ads that show up in spam.

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